300+ Club Draw – April 2021 | 1874 Northwich F.C.

300+ Club Draw – April 2021

The monthly draw was held remotely on the 29th with 1874 Board members acting as online witnesses – the winners were as follows:

Prize Value
£200145Gary Halvorsen
£100252Heather Ollier
£50161Michael Bell
£50262Tony Hassall
£50223Phil Burgess
£5079Les Esling

The total of ‘paid for’ numbers in the draw was 365 and the winners will be contacted to arrange making direct payments to their bank accounts.

Participating in the 300+ Club is a fantastic way of supporting the Club throughout the whole year and particularly during this difficult time when other sources of revenue have stopped – and you get the chance to win a cash prize each month!

Details of how to join the 300+ Club can be obtained by sending an e-mail to Guy Jewell at trust@1874northwich.com , from here or by asking for details at an 1874 match or event.

Thanks to all members of the 300+ Club – now more than ever, the money raised helps to keep the Football Club going forward.

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