Football Update - 30 January | 1874 Northwich F.C.

Football Update – 30 January

What a frustrating time for everyone!

The Club shares our supporters’ disappointment that another game has been called off this afternoon, we are all frustrated as we want to see our team in action.  The situation clearly has an effect on the players, as it doesn’t help them to maintain their momentum and our Management Team’s preparations are disrupted.

1874 is not the only club to suffer during what seems to be unprecedented wet weather.  Many games have been postponed over the last few weeks and I know that all clubs would join us in hoping that we see the end of the rain that has brought so much disruption.  I know that sentiment will be shared by our League’s Fixture Secretary, who is carrying our sterling work in trying circumstances!   

Since we last played a home game, it has been difficult to carry out much pitch maintenance at the BS.  However I am pleased to report that over the last few days, a plan of action has been put together by the ‘Stadium Gang’ and drainage works have commenced.  The fruits of their labour were clearly seen this morning and areas of the pitch that were previously unplayable, are now so much better.  They will be gathering again tomorrow morning, to continue their valuable work and the hope is that the last remaining area that is causing the issues and latest postponement, will be much improved.

I know I can speak on behalf of the Board and all 1874 supporters when I offer grateful thanks to the Stadium Gang.  This fantastic group of people meet at the ground a number of times per week, in all weathers, to carry out maintenance tasks.  When our Chairman Paul, who works closely with Dave Taylor at Winsford United, calls for additional help then the Gang will always respond.

We are also very fortunate that we have fundraising activities ‘off the pitch’, for example the ‘300 Club’, that supports our Club and brings in much needed income when we are unable to play.  This along with other events like the upcoming Race Night and Beer Festival, are clearly very welcome and help the club immensely.  Again, thank you to everyone who arranges or supports these initiatives. 

We are indebted to everyone who plays their part, to make 1874 Northwich a very sustainable and special club.

Here’s hoping that we finally get back to doing what we do best, supporting our fantastic team and very soon!!

Now the ’74!


FC Secretary   

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