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Townfield car parking

As a club, we are delighted that our first three home games have been well attended.  It is great to see some familiar faces return to the fold, along with new people who have come to see what 1874 is all about.  Of course, seeing our loyal supporters move to Townfield is terrific.  Everyone is very welcome and appreciated!

When we were looking at matchday arrangements at Townfield, we quickly identified that we would need to have a plan for car parking.  Therefore, with help from our friends at Barnton FC, we held discussions with the Memorial Hall Committee and linked with Barnton Parish Council along with the Primary School and each organisation offered us a nice welcome and kindly provided assistance on match day, in the form of the use of their car parks. 

As the season drew closer, we reviewed the plan for players, management and match officials as it is a requirement that parking facilities are available to those people at the ground.   Townfield has limited parking space adjacent to its Club entrance, and so it has been necessary to maximise the spaces available by using a plan to park vehicles and also ensure that only the designated people mentioned, park in the “Officials area”.  The Club also recognised the need to ensure supporters and visitors who have mobility issues, are also accommodated appropriately. We were pleased that we were able to reserve ten disabled parking spaces adjacent to the main entrance on the Memorial Hall and permits have been issued to 1874 Supporters and volunteers.

Over the last three games, we have been pleased that many supporters have accessed the car parks at the Memorial Hall, the Library and the School.  However, we have had some contact from local residents, who have let us know that it has been a little frustrating at times for them as the surrounding roads, in particular Townfield Lane, Hindley Crescent and Crocus Street, have been congested and the residents have struggled to park their own cars or haven’t easily been able to drive along these roads.  We are extremely mindful of our neighbours and we clearly don’t want them to have issues, therefore we are respectfully asking that supporters please do not park on the adjacent streets and instead, use the car parks that have been made available to us. 

We understand that the Memorial Hall car park attracts a small parking charge of £2 and that the Library and Primary School car parks are a short walk away from the ground along Townfield Lane however we are sure that our supporters will appreciate the issues and will want to help the club maintain its good working relationship with the organisations and residents. 

1874 is known as a club and group of people that are generally good about thinking of others.  Therefore, on behalf of the Board, can I respectfully ask that you offer the same courtesies over this issue please, and avoid parking in the streets.  We would truly be grateful for your co-operation.  Volunteers will be on hand before the match, to assist people with information and to provide guidance on the car parks.    

Thank you in advance of your co-operation, it is much appreciated. 

Vicki England – Football Secretary

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