At the AGM in December 2023, the Board undertook to keep members updated regarding the roles and responsibilities of the new Board and the future plans for the club. The following information is the first in a series of updates that we are planning to keep members informed.  If you have any questions please contact Maggie Coats ([email protected]).

The first meeting of the new Board took place on Thursday 11th January 2024. As a result, the board responsibilities were allocated as follows: 

  1. CHAIR – Steve Richardson  – Strategic direction of the club and ensuring the long term sustainability of 1874 Northwich FC. Oversight of the Club as a whole.
    • Direct responsibility for Community aspects via a Community Officer (Phil Burgess) and community sub-committee. 
    • Direct management of match day operations via an Operations Manager (New Position).
  2. VICE CHAIR – Richard Stockton – Deputy for the Chair
  3. TREASURER – John Coats – all aspects of the Club’s finances. This role is a mix of operations and strategic planning. 
  4. FOOTBALL OPERATIONS – Vicki England  – supported by a Football Committee comprising the Chair, Treasurer and Football Secretary.
    • Link to First Team Management – manager, physio, coaches, kitman, players
    • Club Welfare Officer (Adults)
    • Admin
  5. COMMERCIAL & MARKETING – Andrew Dignum – supported by the Commercial Managers (Mark Davies and Jane Keal)
    • Business Opportunities
    • Individual Opportunities
    • Marketing 
    • Membership management and benefits
    • Media and Communications (sub-commitee, which will also include Andy Dignum as Commercial Director)
  7. FOOTBALL PATHWAY – Peter Flaherty
    • Youth Development (strategic)
    • Youth Group (sub-committees)
    • Women’s Pathway
    • Walking Football (sub-committee)
  8. SOCIAL & FUNDRAISING – Richard Stockton – supported by a sub-committee
    • 300+ Club (Guy Jewell)
    • Matchday fundraising (Phil Burgess, Guy Jewell, Richard Stockton)

These seven people form the Board of the Football Club. In addition, Maggie Coats has been appointed to continue as Company Secretary.  

In addition to allocating Board Members to specific roles, we also identified areas where additional help is required. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the named person or speak to Maggie Coats ([email protected]), or see her in the Club Shop.

Operations Manager:

A new position has been introduced – Operations Manager. Reporting directly to Steve Richardson, the Operations Manager will be responsible for making sure that match days (off the field) run smoothly and safely. There are two main aspects to the role, managing our volunteers and problem solving.  Volunteer management involves ensuring that we have enough volunteers to carry out the various tasks, such as stewarding, gate duty, tannoy, first aid, hospitality etc.  Problem solving will involve dealing with issues that occur on, before or after match days.  We will put out a job spec as soon as possible, but if anyone would like to volunteer for this role, please speak to Steve Richardson. 

Community Sub-Committee:

Phil Burgess has taken on the role of Community Officer, he will report directly to Steve Richardson. Phil has been actively involved in most of the community initiatives done by the Club. He will be supported by a sub-committee, whose role is to identify and deliver community projects.  Anyone who would like to be part of this sub-committee should speak to one of the following: Phil Burgess, Maggie Coats or Steve Richardson. 

Media Sub-Committee:

We have recognised the need for a consistent approach to our social media presence and will be setting up a media sub-committee. Mark Kelly will be contacting people with a view to their involvement in this group, but if you are not already involved with media activities at 1874 but would like to get involved, please speak to Mark.  Andy Dignum will also be part of this sub-committee as there is a strong link with the Commercial aspects of the Club. 

Social & Fundraising Sub-Committee:

We want to set up a sub-committee for social and fundraising. The purpose of this group is to

  • identify and deliver social events for fans and the wider community 
  • identify and deliver fundraising ideas

Anyone interested in getting involved, please speak to Richard Stockton. 

Assistant Welfare Officer:

Maggie Coats is the Club Welfare Officer for both the adult and junior teams. As our Junior section grows, the workload is increasing and she is looking for an assistant to help manage welfare and safeguarding issues. As the assistant welfare officer, you would need to complete the Child Welfare Officer training, have a valid FA DBS check and do the safeguarding children course.  The role would include conducting verification of identification information for DBS checks, attending junior matches to monitor safeguarding arrangements (typically once per month) and helping to run youth forums, where players can provide feedback on what they want from the Junior Club.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Maggie at [email protected]

Further opportunities are planned, and as these occur, we will let you know about them. 


We have started the process of developing the annual plan for the 2024/25 season. We have taken the opportunity to look at previous long term plans as well as the current 2023/24 development plan.  The Board has undertaken to formulate a revised Vision document for the Club, which we will share with members, once complete. This will outline the medium term aims and vision for 1874 Northwich FC.  The plans and tasks associated with meeting our objectives for next year will be published in the Annual Development plan, which will be complete before the end of March 2024 for the 2024/25 season.  

Whilst we work on next season’s plans, the following is a summary of the main objectives that formed the current plan.  The development plan takes each of the five objects from our Model Rules and identifies the associated goals for the season and how we intend to achieve them. 

  • Object 1 – enhancing the social, cultural and economic value of the Club to its communities by acting as a responsible custodian of the club for future generations. 
  • In 2023 / 24 our goals in this area were to increase community involvement, mainly by reaching a wider audience for social events and holding more events. 
  • Object 2 – upholding the mutual ownership of the Club operating democratically, fairly and transparently.
  • In 2023 / 24 our goals were to introduce the new membership management IT package and to roll out the enhanced membership package (owner & owner plus). 
  • Object 3 – ensuring the Club is operated with financial responsibility enabling the Club to be run for the long term interest of the Community
  • In 2023 / 24 our goal was to continue to monitor its financial position on an on-going basis through an annual budget, and regular forecasted profit and loss statements so that actions can be taken to maintain financial prudence
  • Object 4 – providing sporting facilities and opportunities regardless of age, income, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, religious or moral belief
  • In 2023 / 24 our goals were to improve the quality and quantity of opportunities for sport associated with 1874 Northwich, including Juniors and Walking Football
  • Object 5 – playing at the highest level possible, but always operating in a financially responsible and prudent manner
  • In 2023 / 24 our goals included maximising sponsorship and commercial opportunities around the U21s and first team. 

As part of the communication of the new plans, we will also provide you with an update on performance against the current plan.  

We hope that this initialy information goes some way to addressing the comments that were raised at the AGM about improving communication. The website will be updated to reflect the Board structure, roles and responsibilities and how to contact us.  As part of the planning process, we will identify how we will share information with you.

Please consider volunteering for one of the sub-committees or one of the specific roles. 

Best regards,


Maggie Coats
Company Secretary
Northwich Community Football Club
Mob: 07808765110

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