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About us

League: Midland Football League – Premier Division
Home Ground: The Creative Hut Stadium, Townfield, Townfield Lane, Barnton, Northwich CW8 4LJ

Phone : 07975 679624

Established : 2012

Match day programme : Available here


Winners : Supporters Direct Shield 2013, Mid Cheshire District Senior Cup 2016, Mid Cheshire District Senior Cup 2017, North West Counties League Macron Challenge Cup 2019, 2020* (*played in 2021)

Management and staff

  • First Team Manager: Chris Herbert
  • Assistant Manager: Steve Burr
  • First Team Head Coach: Mark Reed
  • Goalkeeping Coach: Mark Corbett
  • Physio: Katy Bagshaw
  • Assistant Physio: Phil Lea
  • Kit Manager: Andy Williams
  • Under 21s Manager: Dylan Rees
  • Under 21s Assistant Manager: Declan Fulton

Board of Directors

  • PRESIDENT: Brian Edge
  • ACTING CHAIRMAN: Richard Stockton
  • FINANCE: John Coats
  • SOCIAL & FUNDRAISING: Richard Stockton
  • FOOTBALL PATHWAY: Peter Flaherty

Other Contacts

  • TREASURER: John Coats
  • WELFARE OFFICER: Maggie Coats
  • COMMERCIAL MANAGERS: Mark Davies/Jane Keal
  • PROGRAMME EDITOR: Luke Bushnell-Wye
  • PROOF READERS: Richard Webb & Richard Bush
  • COVER TEMPLATE: Lee Bartlett
  • MEDIA OFFICER: Ben Davies
  • MEDIA: Mark Edgeley/Jack Owen/Callum Waters
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Colin Keown/Frank Oakes
  • MATCH REPORTS: Ben Carney/Jack Owen
  • WEBSITE: Mark Edgeley

Contact the Club:

Can you help out? Email [email protected]


1 Introduction and Purpose

1874 Northwich F.C. was established in November 2012 as a Community, fan owned and run Club adopting the model rules of a Community Mutual Organisation. It was initially registered under the Industrial and Provident Society Acts 1965–78.

The business of the Club/ Society is to be conducted for the benefit of the community served by the Club and not for the profit of its members.

The Clubs objectives are to benefit the community by:

• Enhancing the social, cultural and economic value of the club to its communities and by acting as a responsible custodian of the club future generations.
• Upholding the mutual ownership of the club operating democratically, fairly and transparently.
• Ensuring the club operates with financial responsibility enabling the club to be run for the long term interest of the community.
• Providing sporting facilities and opportunities regardless of age, income, ethnicity, and gender, disability, sexuality, religious or moral belief.
• Playing at the highest level possible, but always operating in a financially responsible and prudent manner.

2 Role and Operation of the Board

The role of the Board, as defined in the current Business Plan is to;
• Continually develop the original strategy and policies of the club
• Operated the club in an efficient and effective manner
• Ensure that the club compliance with all relevant legal / regulatory requirements
• Adopt ‘best practice’ in relation to controls and governance
• Engage with all members and stakeholders
• Help ensure that the club fulfils its community and wider social obligations
• Permit the club to grow and develop in a sustainable manner

The Standing Orders and Club Rules allow for the appointment of up to 15 Directors, currently 12 positions are filled. In addition to the Directors, both the Society and Football Secretaries attend Board meetings, neither have any formal voting rights.

Whilst all Board Members have collective responsibilities and will work together and support each other at all times, for the overall benefit of the club, each will also be tasked with managing a number of specific activities. These activities have been categorised into ten key ‘Business Development Areas’, (BDAs)

The ten Business Development Areas are as follows:
Commercial and Marketing
Communications, Publicity and Media
Financial Planning
Social and Fundraising
Membership Development
IT, Technical and Web-site

In order that it can concentrate on its primary responsibilities and maintain its strategic focus, the Board recognise that some matters regarding the day-to-day management the football club may need to be devolved to others, including sub-committees and working parties. The operation structure permits the more detailed operational issues to be devolved to those members who have the skills and abilities to manage these key elements of the business.

The decision making process of the Board will be guided by an ‘Annual Planning Cycle’. This process sets out the framework for how the Board will manage the club through a series of Business Planning, Annual Audit, Budget Setting, regular monthly Board meetings.

3. Written policies

Fully paid up 1874 F.C. members are able to view a range of policies and documents that determine how the Club/Society is run. These include the following:

1874 Northwich FC Adopted Rules and Standing Orders.

1874 Northwich FC Operating and Management Structure.

1874 Northwich FC Board Election Policy.

1874 Northwich FC Equality and Anti – Discrimination Policy.

1874 Northwich FC Board Member List of Names and Responsibilities.

1874 Northwich FC Club Code of Conduct.

1874 Northwich FC Current Business Plan and Objectives.

1874 Northwich FC Emergency Action Plan.( Managing Match day Incidents).

1874 Northwich FC Annual Audited Accounts as endorsed by the Membership.

1874 Northwich FC Insurance and Public Liability Certificates.

1874 Northwich FC F.A Charter Standard Confirmation and Certificate.

1874 Northwich FC Board Membership and Conduct Policy.

1874 Northwich FC Standing Orders for General Meetings.

1874 Northwich FC Standing Orders for Board Meetings.

1874 Northwich FC Current and Previous Membership Register.

1874 Northwich FC Disciplinary Policy.

1874 Northwich FC Board Members Signed Undertaking of Roles and Responsibilities.

1874 Northwich FC Minutes of AGM and Board Meetings

Any member requiring copies should contact:

1874 Northwich FC. Society Secretary either in writing at 14 Boundary Lane North, Cuddington, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 2PL or email [email protected]

Become an owner

1874 Northwich is a supporter-owned club, which means fans like you have a say in how it’s run. Membership starts from just £20 per year
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