Trust News | 1874 Northwich F.C.

1874 Board

1874 Northwich FC are pleased to announce the new Board and responsibilities for its Board Members following the Clubs recent successful AGM.

We are particularly pleased to announce a new office of President for the Club and a new co-opted Board Member joining our Board team.

Election to Board Office post-AGM 2019

Following a show of hands relating to each office nomination, Board members were elected unanimously to each of the offices below:
President: Brian Edge
Chairman: Stephen Richardson
Vice-Chairman: Rob Ashcroft
Treasurer: John Coats
Company Secretary: Rob Ashcroft
Football Secretary: Vicki England
Community: Stephen Richardson
Supporter Liaison: Mark Kelly
Ground Development: Alex Dickinson
Youth Development: Alex Dickinson
Cover for Football Secretary/Treasurer and Fundraising: Guy Jewell
Co-opted External Board member: Luke Bushnell-Wye

Following due process and with reference to the Club Model Rules Section 66 Luke Bushnell-Wye was co-opted for a period of one year as an external Board member.

Please feel free to raise any ideas or questions regarding the Clubs operation and development with any of the above, we will be pleased to help.

Board member resigns


Last weekend, the Club was advised of James Wood’s resignation from the Board of 1874.  The following communication was received from James….

“It is with a heavy heart that I write to you to tender my resignation from the Board of 1874 with immediate effect.  I have not taken this decision lightly – indeed I have thought about it for several weeks now.  However, I have come to the conclusion that given my current and future work commitments – which are extremely demanding and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future – I am simply unable to devote the necessary time and effort that my role within the club requires.”

“I would like to say what an honour and privilege it has been to serve on the Trust and more recently the Football Club Board for the last 10 years or so.  What we collectively have achieved during this time – in particular since we formed 1874 – is just truly amazing and is something that we all can and should be immensely proud of.”

“It goes without saying that, irrespective of my resignation, I will continue to support the club in every way I can – you don’t get rid of me that easily!”

The Board is obviously disappointed to have received this news from James however we totally understand his situation and respect his decision. James has undertaken a huge amount of work on behalf of the football club, which we sincerely thank him for and we are very pleased that he will remain active in helping 1874 with its aims going forward.

In light of James’s resignation, the Board will review it’s structure and roles at it’s next meeting.




1874 Board appointments

1874 Northwich Football Club is pleased to announce that, at the meeting of the Board on Wednesday 14 February, Brian Edge was appointed as the Club’s new Chairman.  Upon accepting the role, Brian said “I am honoured to be appointed Chairman of this great football club and will do my utmost to continue with all the good work that has already been carried out under the superb leadership of our previous Chairman”.

The Club is also delighted to announce that Steve Richardson has been appointed as Vice-Chairman.  Steve confirmed that he was “very honoured to be asked to undertake this important role,and was looking forward to working closely with Brian and the rest of the Board, in ensuring the continued progression of 1874 Northwich Community Football Club”.

The Club would also like to advise that Vicki England, 1874 Football Secretary, has been elected as a co-opted member of the Board and will serve until the next AGM.

Silver members Xmas draw results

The special draw for Silver members was done at the Christmas Party held at Winnington Rec on 9th December. There were three Christmas hampers as prizes and the winners were:

1st Prize          Sam Pointon

2nd prize          Steve Parker

3rd prize           John Stiles

The hampers were donated by the Social & Fundraising Committee and the Chair Toddy Barlow would like to thank everyone who made a contribution and particularly Mavis Lowe and Mavis Shallcross who prepared them in such a professional manner.
Silver members contribute a significant amount of funding to 1874 and the Club is very grateful for their support and pleased to be able to give something back.

If you could consider upgrading your membership to Silver or would like to become a club member please contact Rob Ashcroft – Membership Secretary or talk to any Board member.

Membership Draws

Membership Draws – by Guy Jewell

We are pleased to announce that a series of draws will be held over the season to reward 1874 members for their invaluable support to the Club. The first draw will take place at the home match against AFC Darwen on Saturday 27th August and the prize will be a £20 voucher that can be used to purchase 1874 merchandise or other products from the club

Both Silver and Bronze current members will be included in the draw, so if you haven’t renewed your 2016/17 membership yet then please do so before the draw takes place.

The August 300 Club draw will also take place on Saturday 27th with a first prize of £250, so there will be plenty of opportunities for 1874 supporters to win a prize next week.

Application forms to become a member of 1874 Northwich Football Club or to join the 300 Club are available on the website or at the home match next Tuesday.

Good luck and once again thanks for the support.