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Boost The Budget

The aim and ambition of 1874 Northwich FC will always be to play at the highest level possible, but we must be realistic in that as a club with limited off field fundraising options, competing with a number of clubs in the Northern Premier League will be challenging.

Inevitably it is a fact of footballing life that the best funded clubs tend to achieve the highest league positions at whatever level of football you are involved in and the NPL is no exception.

At our recent Fans Forum numerous ideas and observations were put forward, and we will ensure that as many of these ideas are implemented.

One of the ideas put forward was the introduction of a Boost the Budget Scheme.

The concept being that supporters will agree to pay a weekly / monthly /annual amount to the club between the start of July and the end of March the following year that would be ring fenced and added to the playing budget that the club is able to provide the management team.  The aim being to raise an extra £500 weekly.

With regular contribution amounts from as little as £5 a month, plus a range of contribution rewards we hope that supporters will seriously consider joining the scheme and helping the club.

As a club, we appreciate that many supporters contribute generously in a number of ways already and without these existing contributions the club would not be able to survive at its current level. Our club structure as 100% fans owned ensures that 1874 Northwich FC will never be subject to the vagaries of one owner, that you as owners will always retain control of your football club. But it also means that the responsibility for funding the club lies with all of us.

Details of how supporters can contribute to the scheme will be published in the next few weeks. Together we can all do our best to ensure that 1874 Northwich FC has the funds to compete at our current level and continue to build our club.

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