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Runcorn Town / 1874 Northwich Bucket Collection

Runcorn Town and 1874 Northwich will be holding a collection at Wednesday evening’s match for the Bubble Foundation in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They specialise in treating babies and children born with defective immune systems, by offering them bone marrow transplantation.

Harriett Platt was born last July to proud parents Helen and Chris. Helen is from Runcorn, going to school at St Chads, and the family currently live in Northwich.

When Harriett was five months old she became seriously ill and after various visits to hospital, was transferred to the Bubble Foundation. She was diagnosed with a rare illness called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, and after a long search, Harriett had a bone marrow transplant and everything looked OK.

She spent seven months in hospital in total, coming home at the start of August. Unfortunately after just four days at home, Harriett developed some worrying symptoms and returned to hospital, eventually being transferred back up to Newcastle. She has now developed acute GVHD on her skin, liver and bowel.

Harriett is in the hands of specialists at the Bubble Foundation, and the care they have given her and the family is amazing. The charity relies on donations to help care for patients like Harriett and to fund research into finding more effective treatments and hopefully cures.

Therefore we are asking supporters at Wednesdays match to contribute to a collection for the Bubble Foundation. Both clubs thank you in advance for your support.

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