We are opening up a position for the role of Operations Manager. Reporting directly to Chairman, Steve Richardson, the Operations Manager will be responsible for making sure that match days (off the field) run smoothly and safely.

There are two main aspects to the role, managing our volunteers and problem solving.

  • Volunteer management involves ensuring that we have enough volunteers to carry out the various tasks, such as stewarding, gate duty, tannoy, first aid, hospitality etc. 
  • Problem solving will involve dealing with issues that occur on, before or after match days.

As part of this role, you will work alongside Russ (catering) and Andy (Commercial Director) to deal with any additional activities / volunteers needed to provide drinks stations, burgers or hospitality requirements.

The current activities covered by volunteers include:

  • Gate Duties – turnstiles and guests / officials / players, season ticket holders
  • Stewarding – Ground and Car Parking
  • Communication – Tannoy Announcer, Team Sheets, Programme QR codes
  • First Aid provision – fan first aiders and interface with the team medical staff
  • Hospitality for Officials and Sponsors
  • 50/50, golden goal sales (interface with Social and Fundraising team)
  • Catering / Burger sales – interface with Russ
  • Shop – interface with Maggie
  • Stadium gang

Typically, this role will require you to be at the ground approx 2 hours before kick off and also for some time after the match. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer management

  • Identifying the activities needed to deliver a safe and enjoyable match experience 
  • Maintaining a list of suitably trained volunteers for each activity
  • Managing the volunteer roster to make sure that all posts are covered
  • Communicating with the volunteers (generally by WhatsApp)

Problem solving

  • You will be the “Go To” person in the case of any problems either on a match day or before or after.
  • This may involve “no shows” from volunteers, equipment faults, stewarding problems
  • Liaison with Barnton FC on operational and infrastructure issues

Other activities

  • You will be involved in planning for “big matches”, identifying additional volunteers needed and changes to how we operate on that day (more turnstiles open, additional drink stations etc.)
  • Booking the Memorial Hall (in conjunction with the Commercial Team / Social and Fundraising team) for special hospitality events
  • You will need to be aware of the requirements of the Emergency Plan

Skills required

  • Good communicator
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to get on with people

Application process

If you would like further information or are interested in applying for the role, please speak to Steve Richardson. ([email protected])

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