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Now the 300 Club

The continued success of the 1874 200+ Club means that it has now been renamed the 300 CLUB.

The aim is to have at least 300 numbers in the monthly draws – there were 293 numbers in the November draw so hopefully that target will be reached and maintained.

The December draw will be the start of the next 6 monthly cycle culminating with the bumper prize draw in May 2015, thus the prize structure has been reviewed in relation to the level of income being received to provide a fair return in terms of the value and number of payments made to winners.  It is important to have some high level prizes to really make it worth winning and to attract new members (particularly non 1874 fans) whilst having sufficient other prizes to give all members a reasonable chance of winning something.

With these aims in mind the prizes to be paid for the next 6 months are as follows:

        December 2014 to April 2015          1 x £250, plus 1 x £100, plus 3 x £50
        May 2015                                         1 x £500, plus 1 x £250, plus 3 x £50

This means that an extra two £100 prizes will be paid out compared with the previous six months, and makes the ‘standard’ month payments the same (thus easier to manage!).

To date there have been 78 different people winning a prize, which is about a third of the individuals taking part (some of course have more than one number and a lucky few have won more than once).

Due to a lack of pre-Christmas home matches and events, the December draw will be done at the Boxing Day match against Winsford, but if this falls victim to the weather then it will be done at the Christmas/New Year meal at the Smoker on 3rd January.

As ever, we are very grateful for your support of the 300 CLUB – it really makes a difference.

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