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1874 Board

1874 Northwich FC are pleased to announce the new Board and responsibilities for its Board Members following the Clubs recent successful AGM.

We are particularly pleased to announce a new office of President for the Club and a new co-opted Board Member joining our Board team.

Election to Board Office post-AGM 2019

Following a show of hands relating to each office nomination, Board members were elected unanimously to each of the offices below:
President: Brian Edge
Chairman: Stephen Richardson
Vice-Chairman: Rob Ashcroft
Treasurer: John Coats
Company Secretary: Rob Ashcroft
Football Secretary: Vicki England
Community: Stephen Richardson
Supporter Liaison: Mark Kelly
Ground Development: Alex Dickinson
Youth Development: Alex Dickinson
Cover for Football Secretary/Treasurer and Fundraising: Guy Jewell
Co-opted External Board member: Luke Bushnell-Wye

Following due process and with reference to the Club Model Rules Section 66 Luke Bushnell-Wye was co-opted for a period of one year as an external Board member.

Please feel free to raise any ideas or questions regarding the Clubs operation and development with any of the above, we will be pleased to help.

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