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300 Club

The 300+ Club

The Football Club runs a lottery as part of its fundraising activities to contribute regular income throughout the year.  For just £4 a month you will have a number included in the monthly draw to win cash prizes, with bumper prize values paid out in May and November each year.  The draws take place at an 1874 match or event and all winners are notified – there is no need to make a claim.

1874 Northwich Football Club is registered with Cheshire West & Chester Council under the Gambling Act 2005 and the Promoter on behalf of the Club is Guy Jewell, c/o 450 London Road, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 8EF.

Previous winners in the 300 Club are shown below (members can request a full list of winners by contacting Guy Jewell at Trust@1874northwich.com)

So why don’t you sign up to help support the Football Club and have the chance to win a cash prize.

Should you wish to join the 300 Club then just download the application pack from here:- 1874 Northwich FC 300+ Club Membership


The 300+ Club is a fund raising lottery with all surpluses used to support the activities of 1874 Northwich Football Club. The aim is to sell at least 300 numbers but in any draw the figure may be less. The rules of the 300+ Club are:

  1. Participants pay £4 per month to purchase a number to be included in a monthly draw (there is no limit on the amount of numbers per participant).
  2. Payment is ideally monthly by standing order, but cash or cheque (payable to ‘1874 Northwich FC’) in advance can be arranged on request. No prize will be payable if the participant is in arrears (the prize will be re-drawn).
  3. Holders of the winning numbers each month receive cash prizes, the value of which depends on the amount of numbers sold and may be amended at the discretion of the Football Club Board.
  4. The monthly prize structure is as follows: May and November 1 x £500 plus 1 x £200 plus 4 x £50
    All other months 1 x £200 plus 1 x £100 plus 4 x £50
  5. The prize draws will usually take place at a home game on the third or fourth Saturday of the month or at an 1874 Northwich FC event near to that date.
  6. Results of the draws are posted on the 1874 Northwich FC website www.1874northwich.com and published in the Club’s newsletter. Prize winners will be contacted separately so there is no need to make a claim.
  7. Prizes will be paid by cheque made out in the name of the participant.
  8. Participants can cancel their entry in the 300+ Club at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the Promoter (and if paying by standing order they should also advise their bank). Please note that failure to make a payment for three months may result in the number being allocated to a new member.

If you are interested in joining the 300+ Club then please complete the application form and send it to 34 Queensgate, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 1DU or by e-mail to trust@1874northwich.com

You will be then be advised of your unique number(s), which will be entered into future draws. On receipt of your number(s), set up the standing order with your own bank using the attached form, ensuring that you put the payment reference (your initials and number) in section 2. The details of how to pay by any other method will be advised at the time your numbers are allocated.

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