The Football Club runs a lottery as part of its fund raising activities to contribute regular income throughout the year.  For just £4 a month you will have a number included in the monthly draw to win cash prizes, with bumper prize values paid out in May and November each year.  The draws take place at an 1874 match or event and all winners are notified – there is no need to make a claim.

1874 Northwich Football Club is registered with Cheshire West & Chester Council under the Gambling Act 2005 and the Promoter on behalf of the Club is Guy Jewell, c/o 450 London Road, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 8EF.

The latest winners in the 300 Club are shown below (members can request a full list of winners by contacting Guy Jewell at

So why don’t you sign up to help support the Football Club and have the chance to win a cash prize.  $$$

Should you wish to join the 300 Club or want further information about how it operates then just download the application pack from here:-

1874 northwich fc 300 club application pack 010815

Last results

300 Club June 2017

£200104Chris Stockton
£100252Heather Ollier
£5070Simon Johnson
£50165Angela Riding
£50234Yvonne Fuller
£5086Richard Webb

300 Club May 2017

£50068Robert Edgeley
£250291Phil Knapper
£50313John Bracegirdle
£5012Jamie Kelly
£5087Mark Riding
£50131Tony Riley

300 Club April 2017

£200204Ivor Williams
£100102Paul Stockton
£50325Steve Richardson
£50303Stewart Woolley
£50323Rob Bradbury
£50118Alan Webb