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Match report from Ryan Watson

The game began with Northwich in slight control with a chance which was a simple claim for Barnton keeper Arran Lyons. It didn’t take long to break the deadlock with a great bit of play from the Northwich number 11 who beats Matthew Bay to the by-line and puts a superb ball into the box for Cal Gardner who fires into the back of the net virtually unmarked. With 1874 Northwich, having the advantage they seemed to grow in confidence with a potential penalty shout with Alex Jones looking to have fouled the Northwich man on the edge of the box, but no penalty was given by the referee.

Ten minutes later a bit of a worry as a Barnton player goes down injured after jumping up to win a header. It looked to be a suspected hamstring injury for Garbutt. Barnton will be hoping for him to be back for the start of the new season. 1874 Northwich continued to have control of this game with a few shots just missing the posts. Barnton had a few breaks where they looked promising to create chances but the Northwich keeper had good starting positions and claimed the ball a lot of times during the first half. The full backs of Barnton seemed to be pushed wide during this stage as they wanted to try and create space. Matthew Bay was trying many times to get down the right-hand side for Barnton but didn’t get much luck.

In the 22nd minute a slight lack of awareness from Barnton keeper Arran Lyons gives the ball away to Northwich’s number 7 and he delays and tries to loft the ball over the keeper, but the ball is cleared away by the head of Alex Jones. A bit of a better stint towards the end of the half for the Villagers with another mistake made by a Northwich centre back who doesn’t control the ball and invites danger, but Jordan Cobley presses a bit too aggressively and the referee saves the blushes. A few overhit crosses from Barnton players are catching practise for the keeper. The big moment of the first half fell to Northwich with good play from their number 9 who plays a good through ball to number 8 and he smashes the ball towards goal, but it is a great save from the Barnton keeper to deny him the first-time round, but it falls back into the path of the Northwich attacker, and he puts it into the empty net for their second.

A big chance for Barnton created by their own goalkeeper. A great ball from Aaron Lyons finds Jordan Cobley on the left side and he pulls it back to the edge of the 18-yard box to Tom Edwards, but he failed to get the ball out of his feet. Just before the end of the first half, there is good play of Number 11, and he plays a dangerous ball across the box, but the Northwich right winger couldn’t turn it home at the back post. That was the last chance of the half.

Northwich start the second half like they did the first half slightly in control by winning a dangerous free kick, but Gardner takes it and places it straight at the wall. As the second half continues you can see Barnton grow in confidence trying to search for a way back into this game. A long ball from a Barnton lands around 30 yards out and the Northwich keeper creates confusion with other players with it looking like the ball had struck his hand with shouts of handball from the crowd the referee didn’t give anything and let the game play on.

Barnton continue asserting dominance on the game with longer length of times of possession with good quick passes and there is a through ball played just too far in front of Matthew Ball to deliver a cross. In the 60th minute there were many changes for both teams especially for the team in green. Straight after the little delay, the new substituted goalkeeper makes a mistake by giving the ball away from a long kick trying to clear the ball after a high press from Northwich. The ball ends up at the feet of captain Gardner and he blasts over not really a danger for the keeper.

A few shots come at the Barnton goal but do not worry him as he collects confidently. In the last 20 minutes, Barnton had a lot more possession with different style of play with long and short varieties of passing. Northwich seemed to start to struggle and start to play more direct at this time to try and hit the strikers at the top of the pitch. Northwich still have a threat down the flanks as their Number 8 whips in a dangerous looking ball across the ground but cleared well.

A shot from Number 12 turns and blasts a shot and it is blocked well from Matthew Scoullar but there are shouts for handball, but the referee waves it away. Liam Kennington switches the ball out to Jay Lee, and he beats his man and earns his team a corner. A few minutes later and an almost identically pass happens which lets Lee loose at the Northwich left back who was struggling to handle the substitute. With 5 minutes left, the time was ticking and the chances for Barnton to get back into the game. Great play from Ben Forster on the left-hand side and he beats his man to get to the by-line and cuts it back and Lewis Edwards scuffs a shot which trickles through to the Northwich keeper.

Northwich seem to have seen out most of the Barnton pressure as Number 17 is causing danger and plays a pass but just missed out Number 12 and then wins the ball back and then drills a ball across the 6-yard box, but it goes past everyone. One of the final bits of play sees Cameron Jopp and plays a great pass to set Jorge Dwyer free and driving but he is brought down just outside the box. Dwyer takes the free kick, and it deflects off the wall and just missed the post. The referee then blows his whistle to signify full time to this preseason game.


Date Time Season
Wed 20 Jul 2022 7:45 pm 2022/23


Townfield Lane
40-42 Townfield Ln, Barnton, Northwich CW8 4LJ, UK


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