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Gamers Wanted

GAMERS! 1874 Northwich are looking for FIFA22 players to represent the club at the upcoming 2022 Lower League eCup kicking off in January.

Last year Ben Davies took charge, excelling by taking us to a last 16 finish. Massive thanks go to Ben whose live streaming of his fixtures on the Twitch platform kept many 1874 supporters connected and engaged during the difficult early part of 2021. Ben’s having to miss it this time round so we’re on the lookout.

This is not a professional competition and is aimed more for the casual gamer. There is no expectancy on result. We are still at the testing stage of our eSports learning curve. The upcoming tournament may suit an individual taking on solo play or a number of players forming a team – this will very much depend on interest shown. Platforms are PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Registration with the tournament closes December 15th. Details regarding consoles of competition will be determined at a later date after consultation with registered participants. Please note this tournament is based in North America so online fixture times may be at unsociable hours, but is something we can work on with the tournament hosts and competitors.

So, again – it is casual, if you’re up for it then drop us a message via Twitter or at [email protected]

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