JUNE 200+ CLUB DRAW | 1874 Northwich F.C.


The June draw took place on Saturday 14th at the Beer Festival held at Lostock Club. The winning numbers were drawn out by Lee Duckworth as follows:

     Prize      Winning
     Value     Number      Participant Name
     £250        49           Alexander Galley
     £50          73           Brian Edge
     £50        233           Alan Andrews
     £50          92           Cyril Leather

There were 272 numbers included in June and three of the winners did so for the first time.

The July draw will include an extra prize of £100 so it is a good time to join the club or take on an additional number. Should you want further information about the 200+ Club then just download the application pack on the website, e-mail to [email protected], or ask for details at an 1874 match or event.

The June draw was the last in the 2013/14 financial year so it is a good time to thank everyone who has taken part in the 200+ Club and helped to provide a regular source of income for the football club even when matches are not being played.

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