KIT MANAGER VACANCY | 1874 Northwich F.C.


1874 Northwich FC are looking to recruit a First Team Kit Manager.

This important role will support the Management Team and Squad in ensuring that all kit required for match day is organised.

The key responsibilities are:

Setting out kit for home and away games in advance of players arriving

Organising, packing and transporting kit to away games

Ensuring that players have all required items pre-match

Collection of kit post-match, in readiness to hand over for cleaning

Close liaison with our Kit Laundry service

Shared responsibility to ensure that the Dressing Room is left in good order for our hosts after a game

Please note that expenses will be paid to undertake this role.

If you are willing to help our supporter run, community focused football club to progress or require further information about the role, then please get in touch.

Email or phone Vicki on 07975 679624.

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