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Volunteers required.



All supporters and members will be only too aware of the ongoing difficulties that we and our hosts from Winsford United FC have experienced during what has been a particularly wet winter in playing matches at The St Luke’s Barton Stadium.

In particular, there is one area of the pitch that is prone to becoming very wet and this alone has resulted in several games being called off.

The Board of both 1874 and Winsford United fully recognise the issues that the ongoing cancellations are creating. With this in mind we have sought professional advice regarding how this one particular area might be remedied.

As a result, both clubs have agreed to carry out the works recommended by our advisor and these will take place on the morning of Sunday 18 February 2018 starting at 9.00am. It is estimated that the works will take 3-4 hours to complete.

Our wonderful ‘Stadium Gang’ aided by our friends from Winsford will be carrying these works, but we are likely to require some additional assistance to complete the work – hence this request for volunteers.

We estimate that we’ll need approximately 6 additional ‘bodies’ who are prepared, capable and willing to do some heavy and messy digging which will involve moving the excavated spoil and replacing this with gravel back-fill. If you could provide your own wheelbarrow and shovel / spade, this will help enormously.

If you would like to volunteer to help carry out this really important task, we’d be grateful if you could send a text to Vicki England with your contact details to the following number.

07975 679 624

Please note that, due to the risk of damaging the pitch, we will need to limit the size of the working party to the number outlined above.

Hence, even if you do offer your support to assist us in this very important piece of work, on this occasion we may not be able to accept the offers from all our wonderful supporters and volunteers.

But we will try to advise you whether your kind offer is needed at least 48 hours before the planned works.

And don’t worry. We’ll be keeping your offer to help on record so that we can ‘tap you up’ the next time we might be looking for you to help our fabulous little club!

The Board of 1874 Northwich FC


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