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1874 Away Kit Update

At the AGM on the 29th of November, our members voted in favour of a new away kit for the 2019/2020 season.

Over the last few weeks, the board have put in place a subcommittee in charge of delivering this new away kit. However, we need your help!

In recent weeks, the board have taken the decision to make the creation of the new kit an open invitation to fans to help design our new away kit including the colour scheme to go with it.

As a club we are excited to announce this opportunity as we can create something special and something, we all want to wear on away days.

Unfortunately, due to league constraints and other external factors, we would like you to refrain from the following colours as these wouldn’t be feasible to wear:
• Dark Blue- As many teams play in this as their home kit, we would be unable to include this as a suitable colour option
• White- Due to washing issues this would not be feasible to be ready and cleaned for the next game
• Red- Self explanatory
• Black-As this is the colour kit the officials wear

In coordination with SK Kits, who have been our partners since we started in 2012, we all believe that within these boundaries anything is possible and nothing is a bad idea.

We have set an initial closing date to the consultation period of 8th March. After the period of consultation is complete, a number of colour options will be put forward by the subcommittee for our membership to vote on. The club will make further announcements regarding the outcome of this and the final design which will hopefully be completed by May, to meet the league regulations.

All designs can be submitted to [email protected] or via @1874Northwich on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

So, get designing and let’s create something to remember!

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