300+ Club Draw – December 2018 | 1874 Northwich F.C.

300+ Club Draw – December 2018

The 300 Club completed 6 years this month and the draw took place at the 1874 Christmas Dinner held at Winnington Rec on Saturday 15th. The winning numbers were drawn out by supporters of the event as follows:

300+ Club December 2018

£20033Muriel Barlow
£100286Roger Brookes
£50186Nigel Owen
£50296Michael Birdsey
£50300Hannah Allen
£50195Beryl Mills

The total of ‘paid for’ numbers in the draw was 349, and it was good festive news for FIVE of the winners as it was the first time they had been successful (and some have been in the 300 Club since the start!).

Details of how to join the 300 Club can be obtained by sending an e-mail to Guy Jewell at [email protected] from the website at https://1874northwich.com/300club/ or asking for details at an 1874 match or event.

Thanks to all 300 Club members for the continued support they give to 1874 – it helps to fund all of the activities of the football club by providing regular income throughout the year.

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