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300 Club – January Draw

The delayed January draw took place at the Social & Fundraising Committee Meeting held at Lostock Club on Wednesday 4th February.

The winning numbers were drawn out by Pam Hancock as follows:

     Prize       Winning
     Value      Number       Winner
     £250          6            David Stiles
     £100        163          Freda Weedall
      £50         171          Adam Conkie
      £50         125          Alan Thompson
      £50         200          John Reeney

There were 291 numbers included in the draw, a decrease of one from last month, and two of the above were winners for the first time.

A full list of winners for the last 6 months and information on how to join the 300 Club can be found at 1874northwich.com/1874-news/300-club
Alternatively you could send an e-mail to Guy Jewell at trust@1874northwich.com , or ask for details at an 1874 match or event.

Thank you for your continued support – it really helps to fund your football club.

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