An update from the Club. | 1874 Northwich F.C.

An update from the Club.

Barton Stadium work and pre-season commences….


On behalf of the Club and Winsford United, Chairman Paul Stockton would like to sincerely thank supporters for their continued hard work at the Barton Stadium.  He was particularly grateful to see a good number of volunteers there this morning, despite it being Father’s Day.

Much work has already taken place on the pitch and around the ground however there are still a number of maintenance tasks that need to be completed.  These include further work on the pitch, to prepare it for the season ahead, painting and other smaller ground improvement tasks. 

The ‘Stadium gang’ will continue their fantastic efforts during the week.  The Barton Stadium will also be open each Sunday morning, over the next four weeks between 9am – 11am, should supporters be able to volunteer their time to assist.  The Club is extremely grateful for everyone’s efforts.  THANK YOU!

Meanwhile, yesterday saw the first pre-season training session for the players.  Ian and Paul, fresh from their deserved break, put the lads through their paces making them work very hard in preparation for the new season.  We will bring news of players signing for the Club in the coming couple of weeks.

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