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Team 74 conquer Snowdon

Sunday 30th saw our 1874 walkers meeting in the car park at Llanberis preparing for the days challenge. Having kept a careful eye on the weather forecast for the previous few days it was a pleasant surprise not to be greeted with the heavy rain and thundery conditions that we had been expecting.
The conditions down in the village were warm and dry, however raising your eyes up the mountain revealed more ominous conditions were awaiting at higher altitudes. Undeterred our five walkers kitted up, complete with the 1874 Ironing board and set off through Llanberis heading for Snowdon.

People who have climbed Snowdon via the Llanberis path will be aware that muscles are soon tested on the tarmaced approach road even before turning off onto the mountain itself, but before long Team 74 were turning their eyes towards the distant summit.
The Llanberis path up Snowdon is not technically difficult but it is a relentless uphill slog and given the fact that we were not only carrying Day packs but also an ironing board, it was undoubtedly the safest route up.

A welcome tea stop at the Halfway house and we kicked on upwards. It is after this point that the hill becomes steeper and the ground underfoot a little rougher and looser.
The views back down the mountain towards Llanberis were spectacular and very welcome seeing as we were rapidly approaching cloud level at around 2500ft and before long we were into damp cloud and the resulting dramatic drop in temperature.

As the walkers pressed on, much to the amusement of fellow climbers who for some reason thought it strange that an ironing board was part of essential climbing kit, it became more of a struggle as the wind picked up. We were now higher than the majority of the surrounding hills and without their shelter Snowdon summit was feeling the full effect of the approaching weather front.

The final push to the summit and before long Team 74 were setting up our Ironing board in completion of the challenge of carrying it to the Snowdon summit and ironing our new 1874 home shirt. A short period of time taking and posing for photographs from the other climbers on the summit and also answering a few questions from bemused fellow climbers and we were heading down slightly for a welcome brew and a butty in the summit café.

Everyone involved in the 1874 Northwich Extreme Ironing Challenge thoroughly enjoyed their day on the mountain, but let’s not forget why we were doing this.
St Luke’s ( Cheshire ) Hospice cost around £8000 per day to run and we at 1874 are doing our small bit to help during our two year charity partnership.
You can donate to our fundraising at

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