A plea from the 1874 Membership Secretary | 1874 Northwich F.C.

A plea from the 1874 Membership Secretary


With the absence of games at the Barton Stadium recently it has been a problem for 1874 Northwich owners to renew their membership, however as we are into March it is imperative that members renew their membership if they wish to have a say in how their club is run but despite the setbacks of not playing at Winsford the renewal rate has been excellent but more members are needed whether as renewals or as new members.

The importance of this plea will be evident when your club board members are dealing with footballing authorities, local councils, financial organisations and other officials when they can say that not only are we run “by the fans and for the fans” but an increasing membership gives your club more credibility and “clout” when dealing with such organisations.

I shall be at the Atherton game on Saturday 22nd March if you wish to renew or to join and have a say in the way your club is run.


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