Late postponement of game v Leek CSOB | 1874 Northwich F.C.

Late postponement of game v Leek CSOB

We would like to clarify the events concerning the above.



Following more rain earlier in the week, a close eye was kept on the playing surface at the Barton Stadium and our team of volunteers, as ever, were ready, willing and able to do whatever work was needed to help get the game on. This they did on Tuesday afternoon, when a local referee assessed the pitch at 3.30pm he deemed the game playable if an area was sanded. Information was then passed on to the opposition, our Manager and players, the local Press and to supporters via Twitter and the 1874 independent forum.

All seemed set for a good game of football.

However, when the Match Referee arrived and inspected the ground, he deemed it to be unfit and despite BOTH teams and Managements being keen to play the game, the Referee’s decision was final.

So at 7.00pm we set about trying to get this unfortunate decision to as many people as possible starting with the League and then supporters again via Twitter, Facebook, numerous private text messages and again the Independent Forum.

This sequence of events was most unfortunate and whilst 1874 Northwich FC cannot be held responsible for this decision (which was completely out of our hands) we would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

1874 Northwich FC


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