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A catch up with Damian following yesterday’s game

After a disappointing loss yesterday, 1874 manager Damian Crossley has a message for our supporters.

“Before I talk about the game I’d just like to thank the fans who spoke with me afterwards. They were so positive and kind and certainly more forgiving of the performance than I would have been. In terms of the game I think there are some huge lessons to be learned. We made a really poor start and that set the tone for the rest of the day. We need to learn how to build a performance and put a platform in place early on for us to get a grip on the game. There were too many occasions yesterday when we were out fought and out run and that meant we never really got into the game.

As a group we have to put yesterday out of our minds by the end of today. Watch the game back, learn from it and move on. We owe the fans a performance and we must react well. We’ve been resolute and determined in the previous two games and that has to be the very basic start point on Tuesday, in front of what will be a big crowd.”

Sharing his thoughts on a shortage of goals, Damian had this to say: “We have to have more confidence on the ball, make better decisions when releasing it and commit players forward knowing that we have cover behind us. We are relying on individual moments at the moment but we need to be able to sustain attacks and spend more time in and around the opposition area.”

New home kit sponsorship for 1874 Northwich FC

1874 Northwich FC are delighted to announce our new 2-year first-team kit sponsorship agreement with local business Shadow Foam Ltd.

Shadow Foam, based locally in Anderton supplies innovative and customisable foam for organising tools, tech and much more.

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